Pass Royale Season 10. New card - Heal Spirit, new arena and rewards

On April 1, 2020, the release date of the new Pass Royale was announced - season 10 on April 6, the new card (well, how they will introduce, or rather replace the card spells - healing ) - Spirit of healing.
What is this map? - This is a small spirit, similar to the Ice Spirit, but with a different action - it jumps into the enemy and heals your cards in the area of ​​effect for as much ATTENTION - 181%. Which is almost 2 times the size of the Healing spell card. This map looks pretty pretty (see image art # 1)
art #1 - Heal Spirit


Important information about the card Healing - You won’t lose gold and spent cards Healings , all of your cards will simply be replaced with a new card of the Spirit of Healing.

A new arena was also announced (see image art # 2), under the theme of forest robbery (previously this mode was when the global release of the game Brawl Stars was released ) The Robbery mode will return in Disco mode, with the release of the new Pass Royale season 10.
Art # 2 - New Arena

Now let's talk about the Pass Royale Season 10 and its rewards! The main awards are as in the past, season 9 of Pass Royale (see art image # 3)
Art # 3 - Pass Royale Season 10 Awards

But they also added a new, long-awaited emotion - Magic Archer (see art image # 4) and new tower skins (see .art image # 5, under the theme of the season - forest robbery.
Art # 4 is the new emotion of Magic Archer Pass royale Season 10

Арт #5 - новая скины Pass Royale 10 сезон

And in the end - about sad (or beautiful, everyone sees it differently) - Change of balance of April 7, 2020 (04/07/2020).
Magic Archer - the shooting radius will change from 7 to 6. Although the archer will lose 1 radius for shooting (you need to come closer), the arrow will have it the same range as before.
Skeleton barrel - the speed of movement was increased from medium to high, but because of this hp will be reduced by 15%.
Goblin Hut - the construction life time has been reduced by as much as 20%, but 3 Goblin Spearman will leave it when the building is destroyed.

That's all the news for the big release on April 6th and the new 10th season of Pass Royale. Below we will fix you a video from the official channel SuperCell, for this update and the release of Pass Royale season 10.